How to Style a Timeless Kids Room

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A child's bedroom is a home within a home... One where the homeowner's might love fairies one week and batman the next. The good news is, finding a sweet spot where the space reflects your child's interests and your own style, isn't as hard as it seems. 

Here's a few tips...

1. Favour investment pieces over fads

When it comes to key pieces, invest in those that are not age specific and will evolve with your kids. Instead of opting for juvenile patterns, choose fabric with interesting textures. Instead of a baby blue or baby pink feeding chair, go for a funky arm chair with colourful accents. Be playful, but ask yourself, 'Could this also work in a quirky adult's space?'

2. Compliment with colour and cool accessories

When choosing pillows and toys, be as bold, brave or magical as you want. This is your chance to hero some of your child's current obsessions. Your son won't want a lego room forever, so have a little fun with inexpensive toys and accessories instead. Keep it minimal - that way it looks intentional, not messy.

3. Opt for contemporary wall installations

Create a feature wall with wall decals. They're low commitment, low cost, easy to install and just as easy to remove. Picking a minimal, quirky wall decal is a great, inexpensive way of transforming a kids' space into a stylish one.

4. Stylishly splurge on artworks that will last throughout the years

Kids love to be visually stimulated. So why not appeal to their budding interest in culture and craft by introducing art. Mix black and white with pops of colour. This not only brings sophistication to the room, but can also enliven the space, making it cheerful and vibrant.

5. Showcase your child's artwork

Compliment high-end artworks by showcasing children's art as well! Frame it and sit it alongside contemporary pieces. It'll look cool and encourage creativity.



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